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Audience reviews API

  1. Is there a audience reviews API available ? I am writing an app to pull a user's facebook friend reviews.

    Message edited by DuoSquare 6 months ago

  2. criedl2 years ago

    +1 Any updates on this?

  3. imm_ro2 years ago

    Hi, I would also be interested in getting the audience reviews. Is there a way for getting them? Thanks!

  4. aaronmaus2 years ago

    +1 I too am primarily interested in the audience reviews over critic reviews.

  5. mariankh2 years ago

    Any news on this request??

  6. Neodev2 years ago

    Hi, Same question here. Is there a way to retrieve the audience review with the API? thanks,

  7. Elgan Davies11 months ago


  8. dindiaan6 months ago

    I'm very much interested in the audience reviews too!

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