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Please, please add "year" to search.

    • Sivar
    • Topic created 2 years ago

    Is there a possibility of adding functionality to specify the year of release?

    For example, if I search for:

    Alice In Wonderland

    The first result is the 2010 movie by Tim Burton.

    If I search for:

    Alice In Wonderland 1951

    I still get the Tim Burton movie as the first result.

    True, I can loop through all the results and try to match the year, but it would be really helpful to be able to usually rely on the first result being good when enough information is provided to the search.

    I envision the feature as an optional query parameter, not part of the title:[...]?q=Alice%20In%20Wonderland&year=1951&page_limit=1&apikey=[...]

    One reason is to avoid ambiguities that can arise from, for example, "2012 2009" (2012 came out in 2009) Sometimes the years may differ. For example, IMDB things that "300" is a 2006 movie. RottenTomatoes thinks it's a 2007 movie. A solution is to order results by distance from the specified year (so Alice in Wonderland with year=1950 would still return the 1951 version first). Another solution is to look +1 year and -1 year and return the first result found if there is no exact year match. When release dates disagree, I've never seen a greater magnitude than one year.

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  1. Ian Munro2 years ago

    this would be truly beneficial across the board. I can't image any reason why this hasn't already been done; it would be nice to have it as either part of the query string or an extra parameter. If the year cannot match, return the results ordered by their closed matched. If year is omitted return the results in their current order (which I believe to be relevance / year)

  2. 12aon2 years ago

    This would make my life a lot easier as well, so +1

  3. ATLChris2 years ago

    +1 This would be a great feature.

  4. 12aon2 years ago


  5. 12aon2 years ago

    Please? Or an explanation of any sort...

  6. rastamanx2 years ago

    Indeed, at least as a query param... &year=<year> Because for now there's no other possibility than searching for LOTS of results, and compare years manually, which prolly causes unnecessary load.

  7. atbattag1 year ago

    +1. Search including a year param is essential.

  8. Brandon Goodin1 year ago


  9. proume1 year ago

    add please!

  10. ddrake198410 months ago

    Please Add

  11. abhiously1 day ago


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