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IMDB Alias for Blade Runner is incorrect

    • Shayne
    • Topic created 2 years ago

    IMDB alias is 0083658 but the API brings back the RT ID of "770726838" for the movie "Replikator: Cloned to Kill" which is actually the IMDB alias of 0110972

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  1. rastamanx2 years ago

    There's definitely something wrong with IMDB IDs used for the movie_alias requests. IMDB ID for Transformers is 0418279, when searching movie_alias for ID 0418279, we get Real, la pelicula, (Real: The Movie).

  2. Tobias Schmidt2 years ago

    This seems to be a fairly widespread problem. Here's a few more movies for which the API returns the wrong movie, with the IMDB ID in the left-most column, the correct IMDB name in the second and the title of the movie returned by the API in the last column:

    0145487 Spider-Man Citizen Pinoy: The Basic Questions 0286244 The Triplets of Belleville Acid Drinkers: 15 Screwed Years 0287467 Talk To Her Con Man 0317705 The Incredibles Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months 0343818 I, Robot Domain of Murder 0418279 Transformers Real, la pelicula, (Real: The Movie) 0450188 La Vie en Rose Stalags

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