Welcome to the Rotten Tomatoes API

Welcome to the Rotten Tomatoes API!  

The Rotten Tomatoes API provides access to Rotten Tomatoes' ratings and reviews plus additional movie information, allowing you to build applications and widgets enriched with Rotten Tomatoes data.  By implementing the Rotten Tomatoes API, here are some of the things your users can do: 

  • Access Rotten Tomatoes Critic and Audience ratings and review snippets
  • Search for movies and retrieve detailed movie information, like cast, directors, and movie posters
  • Get listings for movies that are opening soon and currently in theaters
  • Get listings for movies that are releasing soon and currently available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital platforms

Get Started Right Now!

Follow the steps below to start using the Rotten Tomatoes API:

  1. Register for a user account. 
  2. Review and accept the Brand Guidelines and Terms of Use.
  3. Browse the documentation (or try our dynamic documentation!). This includes a complete list of APIs and the data you can access from each.
  4. You are welcome to join a discussion in the forums to ask questions and provide feedback.  

Important Notes about API Usage

  • Each user key is granted a limited number of calls per second and per day.  If increased call limits are needed, you can email API-admin@flixster-inc.com with a request that includes your username/key, detailed description, screen grabs of your desired implementation, and current/expected calls per second and day.  Incomplete requests may experience delayed responses.
  • The API is intended for use in the U.S. only. Deploying content outside of this territory must be approved by the Rotten Tomatoes team.
  • The API may NOT be sub-licensed to any third parties.
  • Rotten Tomatoes reserves the right to request links and/or screen grabs of your usage of Rotten Tomatoes content.  If you do not comply, Rotten Tomatoes reserves the right to terminate your API license.